Sunday, 25 March 2012

contemporary printmaking - print transfer

Printmaking today offers unlimited challenges for artists working across the gamut of traditional techniques to contemporary technologies.  Of the printmakers I know, many are still fascinated by the diverse techniques only traditional processes can achieve aided and abbetted by opportunities new technologies afford for example print transfer.

The process is not a new one - solvents such as turpentine, paint thinners and acetone, have been used to transfer images from printed magazines, news print, photocopies etc. for a very long time.  New solvents, toners in computers and photocopiers maximise the process.

Photocopies or printouts of designs on laser machines can be easily transferred by spraying the back of the image with the multi-purpose cleaner Citro-clean to  directly print onto good paper or onto plates, as resists for etching, image transfer for drypoints etc.  It can be also used on some lino blocks.  However, it may etch the surface of Silkcut lino if too heavily applied.

Other artists have used other products such as Sonja medium and even nail polish remover to effectively transfer images.  I am sure other enthusiasts have found a multitude of products which have similar effects.